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my friend made my theme!

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”[…] I don’t think he could bear the thought of life without me.”

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Christopher Hudson → Eighteen years old → Senior → Dylan O’Brien

Location → Lima, Ohio 

Secret → To be decided by the player. 

Biography → 

Christopher has always held some form of resentment towards his dad - he loves him, and he appreciates him bringing them up when his mother died, but the eight years of his life without the man around were hard, and he knew it was hard on the woman who brought him up. Finn met Sarah whilst on a night out, and after a one night stand, she was pregnant with Chris. This was one thing the boy could never wrap his head around; he wasn’t planned, and he’s sure he wasn’t wanted either - why would anyone want to be a single mother, and why his father would actually want her to keep the baby in the first place, is beyond him. His mother made it clear from the beginning that there were ups and downs between herself and Finn; she found it difficult with him being away, and he wanted to get married for the sake of the child which was something she never agreed with. 

Growing up with the conflict was harder than he ever could have imagined, but somehow, his parents made it work for the sake of him and his brother. They never defined their relationship as actually being together, but they tried and it meant a lot to him, now that he looks back on it. When he was eight, she died due to a long term illness that she had been fighting for over a year - and even at that age, he never expected his dad to actually give up something he loved, to be with them. He is thankful for it, though, and despite how he feels about those first eight years, he knows the man is trying his best to be there for him now. He’s just glad for the break, and secretly hoping that the military drills will be over for the next six months, so both he and his brother can just relax and act like normal teenagers for a bit. 

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William Cohen-Chang → Eighteen years old → Senior → Tyler Hoechlin

Location → Chicago. 

Secret → To be decided by player. 

Biography → 

William was close to his dad, more so than he was to anyone else - although he was never a dancer, his dad always made sure to make time to play football with him on the weekends, and come to every single game. It was something he never thanked him for, and something he misses more than anything else. He hates how much he took it all for granted, how having his dad there was just a given, as opposed to a right. He’s tried to be strong though, and quickly took over the role as man of the house, to make sure both his little sister, and his mother was okay. He’s protective of the both of them, and makes sure to warn off any potential interests for either of them, not wanting them to get hurt. It means his own personal life has suffered as a result, but he hasn’t even found the time to care between football, caring for his family, and school. He’s been planning to go to college in Chicago to make sure everything is okay at home, despite Tina telling him to go wherever he wants. 

His life over the past three years has been caring about other people, which is why he’s going on the trip with his mother, and his sister - the idea of being home-schooled has always appealed to him and he gets to spend more time with the two people who mean the most to him. Tina is hoping it will get him to relax a little, and actually make friends - she wants him to have fun for the first time since Mike’s death, and she’s really hoping that meeting the children of the people she had so much fun with in her teenage years, will help him come out of his shell, and help him to relax that little bit more. 

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The Hunger Games Meme:
one colour: green

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Matt and Karen

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